Welcome to Heaven & Earth Aromatherapy!

What’s in a name? Heaven is the aspect of aromatherapy that claims the spirit of my creations. It is the mood, energy and emotion it takes to be a master at blending.

Earth is the grounding aspect of aromatherapy. The science, research, and chemistry that it takes to really be an aroma professional.

Heaven & Earth's mission is to create responsible, resourceful and well-researched aromatic blends used from sustainable sources, and to inform and educate clients on how to use them to their maximum benefit. Most of the items in my shop are 100% organic, unless I was unable to find a source for organic, I purchase from sustainable options. 


Welcome to my shoppe! My name is Jennifer, I am small business owner, holistic aromatherapist & educator, and certified yoga therapist. I am the only Ohioan I know who obtained a Master’s of Science in Aromatherapy. My fully accredited degree taught me science, research and careful consideration to blending and caring for my clients.  This science degree has instilled in me the knowledge I need to create safe, sustainable and effective aromatherapy blends. This means that I understand how each oil may effect you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Aromatherapy can benefit anyone who breaths it in, making it a wonderful alternative therapy for those looking for something simple and effective to add to their wellness routine. I love that I can take aromatherapy with me anywhere I go, in travel mists, balms, inhalers, or portable diffusers...it makes my travels a blessing, and lifts my mood within just a few minutes of inhalation. I am very grateful to mother nature for her magnificent creations.

My career as a holistic practitioner for the last two decades has prepared me to be curious, to ask powerful questions, and to truly want to serve the community with my knowledge. Learn more on my blog or visit my yoga website, Women, Yoga & The Moon.