About Heaven & Earth

Welcome to my Aromatherapy Shoppe!

I have always loved bottles of all kinds, stories about potions, organic cooking and bodycare. 

I bought my first book about natural skincare crafting in my early 20's. It was also then I decided I wanted to learn about yoga.  I voraciously took as many programs, classes and read as many books as I could about "natural living", "green spa treatments", "yoga lifestyle" and whatever buzz words were available at the time from 2003-2009. 

The yoga side of my lifestyle and business came very easy to me.  I had at that time read copious aromatherapy books, and herbal magazines, but never really caught on easily to how it all worked. I tried an online aromatherapy certificate, and realized there was no way I could master this beautiful subject without a taking deep, deep dive.

I became a mother shortly after opening my first of three yoga studios & schools.  I focused on my businesses and my family more than myself of course, but as I got deeper into my 30's I realized it was time to go back to school. I was hungry to learn more about the holistic professional world beyond yoga.  

I found an accredited college that offered a Master's of Science in Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Research.  I graduated in 2020 with honors and gave birth to my eCommerce shop & online business, Heaven & Earth Aromatherapy, accompanied by my yoga therapy profession. It has been a great mix ever since! 

The Aromatherapy Shoppe

What’s in a name? Heaven is the aspect of aromatherapy that claims the spirit of my creations. It is the mood, energy and emotion it takes to be a master at blending. 

Earth is the grounding aspect of aromatherapy. The science, research, and chemistry that it takes to really be an aroma professional.

Heaven & Earth's mission is to create responsible, resourceful and well-researched aromatic blends used from sustainable sources, and to inform and educate clients on how to use them to their maximum benefit. Most of the items in my shop are 100% organic, unless I was unable to find a source for organic, I purchase from sustainable options. 

Since my degree was heavily focused on research, I formulate from the standpoint of what essential oil & ingredients are safe, how can I achieve the end result myself or my clients need, and of course the added benefit of aromatherapy is its quick results to our mood, energy, and spiritual connection.

Ultimately, aromatherapy can benefit anyone who breaths it in, making it a wonderful alternative therapy for those looking for something simple and effective to add to their wellness routine. My products are formulated with mostly 100% Organic Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. If I can buy it organic, I do. Sustainable aromatherapy is always at the top of my list of shop and product goals, alongside safe practice, and beautiful aroma. 

Wellness Studio

After the pandemic of 2020, I had closed my physical location, and had a wellness studio and home office put in my home. It was a wild transition for me, but I love my new space and seeing clients for yoga therapy and custom aromatherapy projects. 


 You can work with me with Inner Wisdom Yoga Therapy, Custom Aromatherapy Blending, AromaJourney work, small business advisory and more. The studio is private and houses my lab, yoga area & small gathering space. My clients come after work or schedule morning visits and enjoy the quietude and privacy of the space. 

Thank you for your support to holistic professionals and for shopping small businesses. Reach out anytime with questions, I am a real person, happy to serve you!

Jennifer Langsdale C-IAYT, MS