Wellness Visits with Jennifer - Aromatherapist, Yoga Therapist, Thai Massage Practitioner


I am so glad you are here! Whether you are near or far, we can figure out how to meet at a time that is best for you and your healing in-person or virtually! 

Please use the code: IAMREADY at checkout to save 20% off of your next appointment with me! 

Remember, I am here to assist with your needs, so just ask, and we (meaning me and you) will both work hard to get you well, or improve in your life what you need. Healing is on the way through yoga, aromatherapy or a mix of both! 

Need help?  Let me guide you with my 15 years of experience:

Inner Wisdom: Great for supporting the mind, mood & releasing tension, not a physical practice, but a mental one.  Supports the mind, emotions and personal power. 

Private Yoga: Participate in getting stronger, healing common aches and pains, and aligning your mind with your body. Supports body, mind and emotions. 

Aromatherapy: A wonderful instant healer and addition to your current holistic protocols. Super easy to use and comes in many options. Supports mood, mind, and body. 

Thai Massage: Passive stretching and massage work will help work on relieving stress, muscular tension, and common aches and pains. Not the best if you have heavy therapeutic issues going on. Supports mood, mind and body.