Aromatherapy Crash Course Download

Aromatherapy Crash Course Download

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A go at your own pace, short immersion into the art of aromatherapy.  Discover safety advice & how to use essential oils in the home. 

Includes: 2 compact 1-hour lesson links & PDF Pack

Virtual Course Learning outcomes:

  • Learn what aromatherapy is and the function of essential oils
  • Understand safe practices for the use of essential oils in the home
  • Know how to properly store and administer essential oils to your body and in the air
  • Learn the basic principles of blending for perfumery and therapeutic use
  • Includes Youtube viewing link & PDF packet 

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Why take this course?

Discover the amazing healing benefits, contraindications, and myths of aromatherapy so you can safely utilize essential oils into the home. Your professor holds a Masters of Science Degree specializing in Aromatherapy.  Learn more about Jennifer here.