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Jennifer Langsdale, Owner
Jennifer Langsdale, Owner
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Small Business Advisory Power Hour

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Starting a Business? Do you feel lost or disconnected from your current business? Growth stunted? 

Work with me for new inspiration, ideas on where your business needs help or growth, get assistance growing your social media pages & audience, or get help writing your newsletters or creating templates.  One of the most helpful things you can have someone do is look your business over and tell you where there is opportunities to change, create and grow. 

I can help you with:

  • Getting your organized in any facet of your business, and assisting with a plan to get you started whether you are established or not
  • Creating and teaching you how to create beautiful marketing images for your social media
  • Teach you how to use free and low-cost tools for your businesses. 
  • Assist with general small or sole-proprietor business planning 
  • Get you started with the basics for start-up beginning your LLC 
  • Connect you to others who can get you growing 
  • See where there is an opportunity to grow, set goals, create change

Book a one-hour power hour consult with me for directional support, or 4 weekly power hour sessions that build on each week's session. Book an entire month of coaching and receive weekly power hours + off-session support via email, and receive tools and tips after sessions from our findings. 

If any of these sounds like something you need support on, reach out on my easy info form, and we will see if I am a good fit for you